Purchasing News and Important Reminders!

Purchasing News!

We've recently added one new page

  • Surplus Sales will provide website visitors with links to public surplus companies that auction many items to the public including Brea's surplus personal property items.

Old News (not recent, but not too old)

  • Purchasing News and Important Reminders will provide website visitors with news about Purchasing Activities, Important Reminders, Webpage updates, and more.
  • Documents and Forms will provide website visitors with standardized documents and forms.

Purchasing Policy Limits Changed

Purchasing Policy Limits changed as of 11-07-17 as follows:

Open Market Purchases$0.00 to $5,000.00 inclusive (increased from $3,000.00)
Informal Purchases$5,000.01 to $25,000.00 inclusive (increased from $3,000.00)
Formal Purchases$25,000.01 and up (no change)

Important Reminders

Classification Codes (Registration)

When you register with the City of Brea as a vendor, please remember to include as many Classification Codes in your registration to help maximize your procurement and contracting opportunities. You will then receive email notifications of solicitation requests that match your listed classification codes.

Purchasing Activity

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